Wednesday, October 12, 2011


So just after I get all motivated and decide that I am starting a blog... I start having all kinds of camera problems. Well, not actually problems with the camera but very very very irritating problems with getting the photos out of the camera and into the computer. You know, into any kind of usable format at all.
But now .... one of my greatest hopes, ever, has come true. Sprint is getting the iPhone. Aside from the fact that Sprint has the absolute best coverage in my area... (if you've ever wondered who in the real world cares about that, it's people who live as close to the American border as I do. As in... my colleagues with other cell phone services simply cannot use their phone in some parts of my workplace without paying international roaming charges)... also my entire household as well as my extended family in another state are all on staggered Sprint contracts, so dealing the kind of customer service calls that switching over would entail would be the end of me. Seriously. .... What was I saying?
I am getting an iPhone! I am ridiculously excited about this. I have not upgraded my phone in ages based on rumor after rumor of Sprint iPhone release dates. In fact, my daughter pointed out to me the other day that I have had a longer relationship with my current phone than my husband. It's true. I had my phone before I even met him. And my phone has almost no memory, so on my morning walks, I listen to the same 20 songs month after month, which leaves me NO room for photos. Oh yeah! Photos! 
I admit that my expectations are seriously out of whack. Because when the pre-order ad for the iPhone says "It just might be the only camera you'll ever need. And if you think that's amazing, wait until you see your photos.", I have expectations. Come on! I am suddenly having photo issues and you're promising me that the iPhone will have the only camera I'll ever need? Sold!
So ya'll just wait until after Friday or possibly Saturday and we'll put it to the test. How the internet has lasted this long without updates about my fabulous Johnny Boden shirt make-over, my agony over whether I've chosen the right shade of orange for my cross stitch kitty Halloween ornament or my first crocheted hot pad(wherein I use a giganto yarn for the project) is a mystery.

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