Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Quilting

Now that my family has received their Christmas gifts, I can post the two quilts I made.

Five years ago (wow) I gave my brother and sister-in-law a set of monthly seasonal wall hangings -- minus the November and December that I didn't get finished on time. I figured I had 10 months to finish those two, so no sweat.

Life intervened, and it took about 4 (?) years to give them the November. I wasn't wild about the December pattern, so I finally redesigned it this year and got it to them by mid-December. Yea! Complete set!

The triumph is somewhat dampened by the fact that I still have the December and January wall hangings to complete for myself.

I made a quilt for my mom for Christmas. I really loved how it turned out. I embroidered the center blocks, then used them for a class I took at the local quilt shop some years ago.  I then let them 'marinate' for the appropriate amount of time before setting them in the coordinating fabric I had managed to not cut into and finished it in the summer - hallelujah! - well before Christmas, so that hand-made gift was stress-free.

Handsome quilt holder!

Mom is still debating on whether she will hang the quilt or continue to snuggle under it. I'm glad she likes it!!!

Lola definitely had the Christmas spirit:
Patrick won't let her wear the sweater outside because he thinks she'll get picked on by the neighborhood dogs.

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