Saturday, October 27, 2012


All around the blogosphere people are rejoicing in the first lit fires of the season, the patter of acorns dropping around them, the abundance of gourds finding their way to the farmer's market and the emergence of scarves into their wardrobes.

What does fall mean here on the border by the sea? Only two more months of hurricane season. Temps drop 10 degrees to the low 90s. Friday night football games = a sweat bath in the bleachers with the heat of the direct setting sun ruining any chance of enjoying a hot and spicy Frito Pie. The browned front lawn taking a final gasp after the drought of the summer.

It also means: gloriously unpopulated beaches, lingering evenings on the patio, the will to bike and walk outside again

A bay as smooth as glass

A glorious fall day on the beach


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