Friday, November 30, 2012

Flashback Friday

I had always wanted to have a Flashback Friday feature for posting the projects of yesteryear, but it's hard enough to carve out time to stay current, when would I dig out the old stuff? Motivation arrived in an email from Webshots earlier this month that the site was closing and converting to a paid site, so you had to download your photos prior to December 1st if you wanted them. Fortunately it came with a nifty link that made it simple.


I've had lots of fun perusing photos of the beading I used to do and quilts I've given away that I forgot about. So here we arrive at the first installment of Flashback Friday!

Caterpillar Bracelets

I am a bracelet person and I loved, loved making and wearing this bracelet. It has since broken from overuse and the beads have been recycled into various projects by my daughter.


I think I made this one for one of my nieces?


These are my one-and-only commissioned pieces. A dear friend was getting married and presented these to her flower girls. How time flies! The same friend just had a baby this week, her second darling little girl!



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