Monday, December 2, 2013

Belated pumpkins

Is it too late to show photos of Thanksgiving pumpkins? No? Good! I've got some photos that I haven't shared on the blog yet, even though the actual pumpkins have long gone to live elsewhere.


I've been getting together with the same group of friends since 1990. We used to play bunko, now we just sort of eat. Sometimes we gift each other things for no reason at all. Whenever I have the perfect storm of time/energy/ideas/supplies, I like to give them handmade things. Because I love these women and you should only give handmade things to people you love. Especially people who, whenever you give them something, talk about the previous things you've given them that they still love. Even when those things are crochet rocks.



Anyway, the perfect storm of wool, a quickly downloaded pattern to replace the one I had filed someplace 'very safe' and a quiet Saturday with no errands to run all came together and each friend got an embellished woolen pumpkin filled with crushed walnut shells. (And one for me makes four)



(Do the pumpkins photographed against the leaf-stewn brick remind you of those gorgous wedding photos of the bride and groom juxtaposed against a graffiti wall? No? Just me?)


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