Wednesday, December 18, 2013

She's crafty!

Thanks to a really sweet young lady at an Austin Hobby Lobby, Ellen is now a one-woman sock-making sweatshop.


She optimistically stocked up on yarn before even opening the box to the Kitcraze circular knitting machine.


Once figuring out the little trick in threading the machine, she was off and running. She took great delight in comparing her 3 minutes of cranking to my 30 minutes of swatching a new yarn.




I have a feeling there are going to be socks at each gift-giving occasion this year!






  1. So what is the little trick in threading the machine? I can't get the knitting machine to work at all!

  2. The instructions tell you to thread it through *every other* tooth on the machine. (or whatever the little toothy things are called. The instructions are back at school with my daughter). When she first began, she threaded the yarn through every tooth and it didn't work at all.