Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School project

By this time in the summer it is DEFINITELY time to go back to school. You've done about everything you planned for the summer - maybe you've done it twice. The kids need to get back to their routine. Their backsides are flattened from too much TV and video games. Their skin has had more than the amount of sun they need.

Based on the short life-spans of my teenager's electronics, I figured it would be a good idea to make some gadget cases for back-to-school. They both have brand new phones that they saved up all summer to buy or that they finally waited out the replacement time for a free one. (I replaced the first one, they were on their own after that.)

I have a 20 gallon tub of felt that it's high time I used so I let them each paw through the recycled wool I felted. Then it took a couple of days until I could get to the hardware store to buy the little clippy things (technical term). The concept is that they will clip them to the inside of their backpacks, preventing theft/damage/loss. (I can dream can't I?) Once I had all the supplies, I whipped my son's up in a jiffy. My daughter's will have a little more detail, so hers will come soon.

My son wanted to have a case that would accommodate both his phone and Ipod so I made him a double-decker. It has two sections that are separated by a piece of felt.

And for the parting shot.....

A gardenia my daughter brought home. My gardenia bush only blooms around Easter time, so I was very happy to receive this. I have it on my bedside table and the whole room smells luscious. It's my favorite flower.

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