Thursday, August 11, 2011

The cross stitch edition

But first....

I forgot to post the last picture of some of the goodies I scored in the Hill Country.

 I love the vintage pearl cotton. That bronzy-brown color is going to be great to layer with other linens. I'm thinking of tatting an oval doily with it.

The rulers are for this project.

So.... my family was completely puzzled as to why I was on a QUEST to find red ball fringe - mini red ball fringe - and why I was hijacking every family outing to pop into a place that might have it. I think it's obvious:

"Oh Birdie!" by La Di Da. My daughter has claimed this one. I want to redo it in some different colors for me.

Since the daughter received a project, it's the son's turn. I fell in love with this antique sampler because of the parrots that flock overhead each dusk and dawn here.

This is the piece that is started in my blog header. I am planning to just stitch the parrot and wreath to make a small pillow. The green thread is some silk that my son picked out for a monogram I did for him. I figured he'd like it for the parrot as well.

I have to say that nobody could have a family that is more appreciative or enthusiastic about my little creations than my family. They call "dibs" on things and fight to get bumped up on the project list. It makes my heart sing.

I'd love to stitch the parrot on a cardigan or sweater (for me!). I found the piece of waste canvas I had, so now I just need 14 hours more in each day.

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