Sunday, August 28, 2011

End of August Update

I've been plugging along on several projects. I fell in love with the covered rocks by Resurrection Fern and had to use her tutorial to create some right away. I don't know what it is about these, but my family absolutely fell in love with them too. In fact, when I gave some away to some friends of mine, my family was not very happy about it. Well, there's always more purl cotton in the world, isn't there?

The give-aways:

The next covered rock project in progress:

I've got all the daisy afghan blocks together and I'm working on the borders:

And finally, I am loving how the parrot is coming along. I think I am going to find some tapestry to use for the pillow backing. My daughter laughs about how I have a whole story that goes with each piece. She was asking why I dyed the fabric all splotchy and I told her because it looks like the pillow came across the ocean on a sailing ship centuries ago. They ran into some bad weather and water leaked into the hold where the pillow was stored in a trunk. When they finally reached America, the woman was just happy to be back on land after her treacherous journey and displayed the pillow in the parlor with pride, even thought it was water stained.

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